multiple movements competing
Posted: 23 June 2011 11:34 AM
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A slightly complicated question, so I will see if I can phrase it properly.

In all scenarios which I have seen so far, the two actors are the “regime” on the one hand and the “movement” on the other. The movement wants the regime to change its stance on something, and uses various tools to influence people/regions/etc to get its way.

Is it possible to have the regime neutral on an issue but then have two or more movements which try to change the regime’s stance on an issue? For example: Country A has a regime which is “neutral” on Issue A. There are two movements in the scenario: Movement A wants the regime to be “for” the issue and Movement B wants the regime to be “against” the issue. Obviously the player could only be one, pre-determined movement.

Currently it is possible to create groups which are distinct from the in-game movement, which have their own stances on issues. Will these groups employ tactics to attempt to persuade the regime to change its stance to match their own, or are they simply there for the player to bring in to his or her alliance? In other words: do only the movement and regime employ tactics, or do other groups do so as well?


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You’re welcome