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Posted: 06 December 2011 09:02 PM
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hey y’all I just got the game today and I’m struggling a bit with some of the concepts involved

what is the ‘Fear’ level of a person? is it the fear of oppression? What does that change about his personality and the way to deal with him?

What is the momentum? (I’m french and that term isnt familiar to me)

How do you turn someone into a splinter?

.. i got tons like that lol

Posted: 09 September 2014 02:29 PM   [ # 1 ]
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For the meaning of Momentum in French, I can’t help, but just look in a French - English dictionary. As for other questions on game play, open the help text under Help menu, then “Help People Power.” Most if not all of your questions will be answered by this information, although you may have to consult your dictionary occasionally.

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