Forum Code of Conduct
Posted: 28 June 2010 09:53 AM  
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By participating in our forums, you agree to these rules. If you violate these rules, in most cases you will first be warned, and if your inappropriate or prohibited behavior continues, you will be banned.

Members are expected to act responsibly. The following are prohibited: accessing or attempting to access the accounts of other users; exploiting or attempting to exploit bugs, vulnerabilities, or loopholes; usernames which are inappropriate or potentially offensive. Messages which contain personal attacks against anyone will be deleted. Off-topic messages, nonsense messages, messages without content, flooding, advertising, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and other fraudulent messages; and links to “free” items will be deleted. Accounts created obviously for the sole purpose of promoting another site will be banned.

Users’ personal “real life” information may not be posted (name, address, email address, IP address, phone numbers) unless the user has expressly given consent.

Any of the following will result in immediate and permanent banning:

- Posts which encourage or support, or link to, or discuss activities, methods, or techniques related to piracy, cracks, hacks, keys, and key generators.
- Attempts to impersonate anyone, including forgeries, and any effort to deceive or mislead are prohibited.
- Profane, obscene, or indecent language; sexual references, terms which demean race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, ideological or religious beliefs, gender or sexual preferences; posts or links to pornography or other sexual materials.
- Use of the forums for illegal purposes, or encourage conduct that are illegal under the laws of the United States, or any state or locality in the United States.
Warnings, bannings, and suspensions are at the sole discretion of the forum moderator and will be sent to the member via email. If such an email bounces back, the account will be temporarily suspended until the member contacts the moderator.