PEOPLE POWER NEWS is where you’ll find news and announcements on game updates, new editions, new scenarios, versions of the game in other languages (localizations), and more.

As of FEBRUARY 18, 2011 an updated version of People Power is available on the download page, with improvements and new features. The download is free if you already have the game, and includes updates of all scenarios, as well as an all-new scenario, “Pourinian Occupation,” in which your adversary is a military occupying force.

DON’T FORGET: The Scenario Builder tool is available on the scenarios page. This software allows you to create your own scenarios – whether fictional, or based on actual conflicts (such as the U.S. civil rights movement or Gandhi’s Indian independence movement). You can also design a scenario based on a present-day, ongoing civil resistance struggle anywhere in the world. Designing a scenario requires serious effort and takes time, but it offers a chance to develop more advanced skills.

COMING SOON: Our fourth scenario, “Amessian Dictatorship” is in final testing. We plan to make it available for download by mid-March, 2011.